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Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul

EQUIP’AERO SERVICES is an European Leader of aeronautical maintenance services and has developed  the following  technical maintenance skills for more then 20 years:

  • Hydraulics : Actuators, Pumps, …
  • Fuel : Valves , Pumps, Fuel Control Unit,….
  • Pneumatic : Air Starter, PDUs, ACMs, Shutoff Valve, Anti-Ice, Starter Valve,…
  • Electro-mechanical: Electro-Actuator, Electro-Valves,…
  • Landing gears
  • Auxiliary Power Unit: GTCP85 Series, GTCP36 Series,…

All these maintenance capabilities have been developed on AIRBUS & BOEING aircraft family and Regional & Business Jets (ATR, Bombardier, Embraer, Fokker, Dassault Aviation). Regarding Military aircraft, we have an immense experience on C130, C160, KC135, Alpha Jet and a lot of others aircrafts and helicopters.

Monitoring our operations is really important for us, it’s why all our tests are performed on our test benches designed and manufactured by an in-house dedicated team. This engineering capability permits us to guarantee flexibility, maintainability and test bench upgrade in order to provide the highest service of quality to our customers.

EQUIP’AERO SERVICES has the following airworthiness certificates: EASA, FAA, CAAC, TCAC, CAAV and FRA145.

With the support of our well trained staff and optimized parts provisioning we have set a standard of quality performance in this industry. Our continuous improvement program enables us to provide to our customers a competitive pricing and Turn Around Time with the highest quality of service.

In order to answer to our customer requirements, we can offer the following pricing service solutions:

  • Flat rate quote
  • Time & Material quote
  • Flight by the Hour quote

On customer request, we are able to propose cost effective solutions with implementation of PMA / EPA parts and DER/DOA repair. Our company size permits us to offer a very dedicated, customized and efficient maintenance solution for each customer.

If you want to have more explanation concerning our maintenance capability, please, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.