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The competitiveness in the EQUIP'AERO group is first basically a strong personal involvement of each employee in each case, product or service to meet customer's needs, but this is also the result of an industrial organization in place and tightly adjusted over the years:

  • The physical in-house investment to master key technologies in our field and to master the costs
  • The management of our supply chain with continuous and careful monitoring of supplier performance and implementation of long-term purchase contracts.
  • Tools for Planning (ERP) that secure our workflow, our stocks and our planning.
  • Software tools in line with our sector (CAD, CAE).
  • The management of knowledge: document (EDM), project management, quality organization.
  • Management of skills, competency planning, workforce and personal clearances.
  • Our long experience in maintenance multi-OEM (technical monitoring).
  • Our "Design-To-Cost" approach adopted by the design office and the supply chain.