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EQUIP'AERO TECHNIQUE supplies embedded equipment to the aeronautical market based on 20 years of aeronautical know-how.

From design (concurrent engineering, CAD Catia), development, environmental testing, prototyping, qualification and manufacturing products, to operations support, EQUIP’AERO TECHNIQUE provides complete solutions to its customers.

Our qualified staff can respond to any request on equipment based upon your specification. We use current technical and aeronautical tools such as Solidworks Simulation, kissoft, Labview.

EQUIP’AERO TECHNIQUE with the certificates EASA Part 21G, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, EN/AS 9001 ensure the traceability, the conformity and the airworthiness on your product.



  • Air  : Starter Air Valve (TP400, SaM146 and M346), Discharge Valve (Helicopter engine), Anti-Icing Regulation Valve (Falcon), Flow Control Vale (ECS)
  • Hydraulic:  Isolation Valve (A380)
  • Fuel : solenoid valve (Helicopter engine)
  • Mechanical: Actuator


  • Systems Integrators
  • Engine Manufacturers
  • Aircraft Manufacturers

If you want to have more explanation concerning our equipment, please, do not hesitate to contact our sales team.