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Within the group EQUIP'AERO, Innovation is the engine of our development.

Awarded a first time in 2008, then in 2013 (at the first edition of the Toulouse Awards aeronautics in the category "Innovation"), EQUIP’AERO Group’s commitments to innovation are:

  • Many projects Research and Development collaboratively, regionally with the Regional Council of Midi-Pyrénées to National or European level (*).
  • An active policy in intellectual property (patent applications, cooperation agreements, confidentiality agreement ...).
  • New composite solutions: Sandwich with a foam core for curved shapes more effective mass, cost and finished appearance.
  • New electric actuators: Actuator with integrated digital electronics - high performance solenoid.
  • Eco-Maintenance: An eco-responsible approach to maintenance.
  • A new transfer injection of carbon-epoxy method to obtain 3D shape parts (PhD thesis work).

(*): DRESS Project (FP6) - CISACS Project (FUI6) - APEN Project (Electra2010) - PIMOC Project (Spruce 2006) - COMPOCABINE Project (Epicea2007) - HYCOME Project (Epicea2010) - ISA² Project (Aerosat2012) - SIMID Project (FUI9)- VELAE Project (Rapid- DGA/DGCIS)- SYRENA II (FUI18)